Episodes from Season Two

Episodes 1 & 2
Kathryn and Bryan
Kathryn and Bryan were raised in Kentucky, and that’s also where they fell in love. Two years ago, they moved out-of-state to pursue careers in science research and teaching special education. While they want their new home to be their “forever home,” they do miss Kentucky and want their first baby to remember his Kentucky roots.
Episodes 3 & 4
Schrita and Shante
Most couples are defined by love. Schrita and Shante have also defined themselves through giving. For years they have had custody of and cared for a special needs child (now a young adult). After 18 years together, they welcome their first baby. With a growing family, they let it be known they have plenty more left to give.
Episodes 5 & 6
Liz and CJ
Although our couple lives two hours from the closest beach, Liz and CJ identify with the peace and tranquility of that lifestyle. Liz is a middle school English teacher and CJ is an IT professional. Their busy lives necessitate getting away whenever they can, and they want their new baby to appreciate that same joy. Coastal themes are part of their lives.
Episodes 7 & 8
Marley and Michael
“Never,” says Marley emphatically. “I never thought that we would have twins.” And so it goes. Marley and Michael are expecting both a girl and a boy. Marley is medical resident and Michael is a clinical physicist. The pair love to travel and want a travel theme for their nursery. We can make this promise: they'll be on the go!
Episodes 9 & 10
Kate and Alex
Kate and Alex like to say they provide “food and shelter” as Kate is a registered dietitian and Alex is a general contractor. They take a hands-on approach with their home, which the pair renovated themselves. Kate loves to sew and Alex is an artist with tools. They’ll have plenty of opportunity to show their skills. They say, "We're not afraid to get our hands dirty!"